Subtitle III Land Use Regulations

Okay, I guess I lied. Or I am at least guilty of changing my mind and I could change it again. In the last post on subdivisions of land I just took on the whole Subtitle on subdivisions rather than moving through each subchapter. The reason is that the Subtitle is essentially a technical how to guide for dividing land along with filing requirements (x number of copies of thus and such to so and so by this time) and the policy issues are more about who does the review and what they are reviewing for than anything else.

That epilogue for Subtitle II is prologue for Subtitle III and a disclaimer. I don’t know how this next Subtitle will work out.  So in another bit of throat clearing, here is the layout of Subtitle III:

Division 1 Land Use Zones
23.30 Zone Designations Established
23.32 Land Use Maps
23.34 Amendments to Official Land Use Map (Rezones) 

Division 2 Authorized Uses and Development Standards
23.40 Compliance With Regulations Required– Exceptions
23.41 Early Project Implementation
23.42 General Use Provisions
23.43 Residential Small Lot 
23.44 Residential, Single-Family
23.45 Multi-Family
23.46 Residential-Commercial
23.47A Commercial
23.48 Seattle Mixed
23.49 Downtown Zoning
23.50 Industrial
23.51A Public Facilities in Residential Zones
23.51B Public Schools in Residential Zones
23.52 Transportation Concurrency Project Review System
23.53 Requirements for Streets, Alleys, and Easements
23.54 Quantity and Design Standards for Access and Off-Street Parking
23.55 Signs
23.57 Communications Regulations
23.58A Incentive Provisions 

Division 3 Overlay Districts
23.59 General Provisions
23.60 Shoreline District
23.61 Station Area Overlay District
23.64 Airport Height Overlay District
23.66 Special Review Districts
23.67 Southeast Seattle Reinvestment Area
23.69 Major Institution Overlay District
23.71 Northgate Overlay District
23.72 Sand Point Overlay District
23.73 Pike/Pine Conservation Overlay District
23.74 Stadium Transition Area Overlay District 

I have to admit that this section looks like we’re hitting cruising altitude and can now move freely about the cabin. This stretch seems to articulate what people get most excited about, uses and development standards. Subtitle III looks to be about what most people think of when they ask “how is it zoned.” Most of the stuff I have covered thus far has been sort of technicalese and regulatory ramp up. But I’m not sure how I will cover the material. Something will come to me as I go through it I’m sure.

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