Chapter 23.46 Residential — Commercial: Where’s my RC?

Here’s a bit of a mystery. I can’t find any RC on the land use map. And I don’t mean Royal Crown Cola either. Someone out there might be able to help, but it appears as though the RC designation is either not used or it was phased out. If it was, then it ought to just be repealed. It is an interesting designation though:

Live-work units and the following commercial uses are permitted outright:

1. Sales and services, general;
2. Medical services;
3. Restaurants;
4. Business support services;
5. Offices;
6. Food processing and craft work; and
7. Retail sales, major durables.

It would appear that this section of the code, however, allows some commercial use within residential zones with  a kind of cookie cutter effect. You can have an exclusively commercial or live work/commercial use in say single family, or L2 but:

The development standards of the designated residential zone shall apply to all uses in the RC zone except commercial uses. The development standards of the designated residential zone shall apply to all structures in the RC zone, except that parking quantity shall be required as provided in Chapter 23.54.

This is another paragraph that seems needlessly confusing or perhaps I am punch drunk at this point. Uses can be commercial, obviously, but the development standards of the residential zone will apply to the structures and parking will be required.

Without any background this seems to allow me to open a commercial use–say a law office or dentist’s office–in single family provided that it looks like a single family house and I provide parking.

This isn’t such a bad thing, and it might be worth preserving this or using it more if we don’t. If we bring back the idea of the corner store the RC could be peppered throughout single family and low-rise zones. If those zones have more people they could support more commercial uses, especially retail.

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