Your wish is our command: Seattle Zoning Designation page is live!

Josh Mahar asked in the comments:

“Would it be possible to provide a handy link to zoning code abbreviations and their meanings.”

Well sure Josh. Check out the new page on the menu bar right next to the “About this blog”page. There you will find the “Seattle Zoning Designations” page which has a rundown of all your favorite zones, their abbreviations, and a description right from the horses mouth, DPD.

Some of DPDs explanations are funny but understandable. For Downtown Zoning the otherwise helpful DPD explanation says “the following zones have complex standards that cannot be easily summarized.” Uh, yeah. Exactly.

But I added links to stuff I have written on these designations on the blog and I’ll keep filling that out. I may make edits or more comments on the designations later, but not much. Why repeat reading the code on the designations page?

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