In the International Examiner: Gridlock or opportunity?

I have a guest piece in the International Examiner. It’s a pretty cool thing, since it’s the first time in a while that anything I have written has been in a print publication. With so many things on line these days its easy to forget that there are still print publications out there.

The piece takes a look at the recent South Downtown rezones, TOD, and how all that might affect the Chinatown International District for better or worse. Grab a copy if you can or just read the story online here.

And speaking of online publications, I had a little fun at the tunnel’s expense at Crosscut. I think it’s pretty funny that when those of us that oppose the tunnel suggest that maybe we should encourage alternatives to driving rather than building a tunnel we’re called social engineers. But when tunnel builders suggest alternatives because of the gridlock being caused by tunnel construction, it’s just good advice.

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