Picture this: land use photos

I take a lot of pictures. Not all of them are very good, but often they are pictures of things related to land use. I might be walking along and see a particularly interesting stretch of sidewalk. Or maybe a bunch of planners in a room will strike me as especially poignant and worthy of photo documentation.

I don’t want to pretend that this blog is too serious of a place to post random pictures. But I also don’t want it to just be another Facebook photo dump (look at this funny sign!)

But look at this funny sign.

Auto friendly Aurora: Funny or sad?

And while City Tank’s H & T feature will always be the industry standard, I hope that my new “Land Use Pictures” tab will be an appropriate parking place for pictures that are related, even tangentially, to land use.

If you have pictures you’d like to see shared send them along. Documenting land use policy is important. Today’s boring street scape is tomorrow’s important historical document.

Occidental and Front Street

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