I love street food!

Thanks to Capitol Hill Seattle for linking to my post on my concerns that street food may end up becoming a problem somewhere down the road. The problem is that the link indicated that my post might be part of a backlash (or frontlash) against street food. It might be. But to be clear, I am not against street food. I love street food. More street food please.

And here’s a bigger news flash. Street food exists! I found at least three instances of it just today.

What I am against is turning street food into an excuse for opposing growth and new development to accommodate it. Street food can be one symptom that we’ve done other things right like creating dense, walkable neighborhoods with solid land use policy. All I ask is that we stay focused on that goal and the rest will follow.

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4 Responses to I love street food!

  1. JoshMahar says:

    I really like your thoughts on this Roger. The more I think about it the more dead on your words become: what problem is this suppose to be solving? A small business owner can already start up a food cart on private property as a cheap alternative to a full restaurant. If there are city regulations making this overly difficult then certainly lets relax them.

    But there is a total disconnect between cause and affect. Food carts don’t create vibrant neighborhoods, vibrant neighborhoods attract food carts.

  2. Barb Wilson says:

    My favorite part of this is your friend Eric telling you your idea about taxes is a horrible idea. funny

  3. . says:


    Let’s just say it was a magical afternoon. I learned and laughed a lot.

    I learned things like Kells has Carlsberg on tap. Invaluable information.

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