We’re 100 posts old!

This blog started out being part theater and part honest effort to dig into our land use code to find out what was buried in it. I say theater because I was hoping to provoke more interest in finding out what was in the code just by being silly enough to read it from end to end. So far it’s been quite an adventure. This post marks post number 100. So here it is the obligatory self congratulatory 100th anniversary post.

Thanks to City Tank, the Seattle Transit Blog, contributions from David Neiman, and Chuck Wolfe, this blog on the most boring subject ever has gotten more that 7,500 views and over 130 comments since it started in late February. We’ve rounded the post and are now heading toward Subtitle IV, the last subtitle of the code and the one that covers the Master Use Permitting process. More fun lies ahead.

I think land use is compelling and I think it matters to our city’s future. It is heartening to see that there are a good number of folks out there who agree and are interested enough to stop in and see what I am up to. Thanks for reading and commenting! I’ll try to keep it worth your while. As always, I am interested in your ideas and thoughts for posts as well. Keep those coming my way too.

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