War on wieners: Street food edition

Open up wide!

Wieners have been taking a beating lately, especially since the recent scandal involving one Congressman, local college student, and an errant tweet. And it is true that I have been hard on street food lately, calling it a solution in search of a problem. To be fair, I love street food. Today I’m proving it by having a wiener in the park. And in all honesty I’m looking to drive some traffic to the site so I also have to give a nod to the War on Cars meme. I figured wieners, wars, and street food sell papers so here I am posting on all three.

Dog in the Park has been around for awhile. Getting a wiener in the park is easy. In fact people line up for wieners of all kinds, right here in downtown Seattle every day. Double entendres aside, I’m sure you’ll reach a state of excitement just looking at these pictures of people paying for wieners in the park. And by the way, I won’t deny that picture is of me and my wiener.

People lining up for wieners in the park

Money is being made, today, selling street food

This guy rode his bike to get a wiener

You’ll need a fork and knife for the chile cheese

I’ve been getting a little bit of heat not just from my chile cheese wiener but about my downplaying of the street food push.

Granted, Dog in the Park is not mobile street food. The guy has a little spot where he does his business, but as I pointed out there are a lot of mobile food operators already. And I love the work being done by groups like Great City, the Planning Commission, and the City Council to make it easier to create more street food, mobile or otherwise.

But my former colleague at Sightline, Eric Hess, kind of makes my point for me a recent post. He points out that he’s in favor of efforts to boost street food even while he’s on his way to a cluster of food trucks. Food in the street works when there are a lot of people in homes, offices, or both to generate the demand for it.

I don’t think for a moment that my pointing out that it’s density that matters is going to get in the way of street food effort. Someone has to keep making both points, we need street food and the density to support it. I’ll keep making the density point even if it’s over and over and over again. When legislation passes to make it possible for more street food to happen I’ll be cheering and lining up to eat. But I won’t be eating my words: another serving of density please! 

Oh, and there’s no war on cars.

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3 Responses to War on wieners: Street food edition

  1. Eric Hess says:

    Keep ringing the density bell! If there isn’t a mass of people to support street food, making it easier to operate a cart won’t accomplish squat.

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