It gets better: Tim Burgess and Mayor McGinn edition

At the rate things are going there may come a time when I won’t have anything to gripe about. Here is part of Tim Burgess’ letter to Diane Sugimura, which I post as a follow up to my post about Mayor McGinn’s memo to Sugimura.


Sadly, on Beacon Hill we did wake up 15 years later to find “we didn’t properly plan for density in [that] area.” Burgess and the Mayor have started to demonstrate >gasp< leadership. Actual leadership. Wow!

More please! Moving on to Beacon Hill could be yet another rallying point for emerging leadership on land use. We can beat this tunnel divide, I know we can. With the Mayor and Councilmember Burgess working together I think we’ve got a chance. I might get used to this feeling of being happy with our elected officials. Maybe.

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8 Responses to It gets better: Tim Burgess and Mayor McGinn edition

  1. Mark S Johnson says:

    Rough estimates of density feasible in the NC zones: NC3-65 = 120 units/acre; NC3-85= 140 units /acre.

    So 10 acres (roughly 10 city blocks) of 85 feet versus 65 feet is going to get another 200 units.

  2. Zef Wagner says:

    Mark, I hate to break this to you, but a typical city block is 5 acres, not 1 acre, so your calculation is way off.

    • Zef Wagner says:

      Make that 2.5 acres. In Manhattan it is 5 acres but they have larger blocks than normal. Portland’s blocks, by the way, are smaller at around 1.5 acres.

  3. Zef Wagner says:

    I guess it depends on whether your source says 10 acres or 10 blocks are being upzoned.

  4. Mark S Johnson says:

    Generally, Seattle’s grid is 20 blocks to the mile=262 feet per block . Typical street r/w is 60-80 feet. An acre is a little over 200 feet on a side. Roughly, but a little under one net acre per block. The calculation I am providing is per net acre (not including r/w).

  5. Mark S Johnson says:

    264- I can’t type!

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