Publicola Think Tank: Roosevelt and Density

Well, we’re all at it again. I think that’s just awesome. Really. Let’s argue, discuss, bicker, and process about pending land use decisions in Roosevelt. This is good for a number of reasons.

First, it allows us to highlight the regional nature of these discussions. The idea that only people that can see the Roosevelt station from their front yards can talk about this needs to be pounded down.

Second, it allows us to have the Transit Oriented Development discussion again. The Barriers Report and TOD Blueprint should be opened up again, read and quoted. There are effective and ineffective ways of making TOD happen, and we’ve documented how to do it. This could lead to more work at Beacon Hill and other station areas in Seattle to do the right things rather than nothing with land use.

Lastly, we can tout the importance of density and why it is so good and important. Yes, I am a proponent of density for density’s own sake. Lot’s of people all together spells good things. And we shouldn’t be furtive about it.

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, we AREN’T TALKING ABOUT THE FREAKIN’ TUNNEL! So jump in and comment, just don’t complain about how we’re arrogant or not from the neighborhood. If we can avoid that noise, this discussion is good for land use in Seattle and TOD in the region.

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