In search of . . . land use Doppelgängers

The Loch Ness Monster. Big Foot. Aliens from outer space. A balanced federal budget. All things that are the stuff of Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of . . .

While we don’t have the benefit of a group of highly skilled technicians, we do have Charles R. Wolfe an extraordinary photographer and urbanist who has solved one of the great Seattle land use mysteries: are the brainy Mike Podowski of Seattle’s DPD and big time urbanist blogger Dan Bertolet the same person?

Now we know. Or do we? Photos don’t lie. In the photo above we see what appears to be both men, separate, discrete individuals. But the internets are already abuzz with new conspiracies. Are they twins? And who is the father? Has the land use blog stumbled upon some kind of Joseph Campbellesque Star Warsy land use blockbuster? If so, which one is Leah and which one is Luke? And more importantly, who is Darth Vader?

My opinion is that Chuck has discovered the long lost twin sons of the great Robert Moses. In order to keep my ratings up I won’t reveal who their mother is until episode V. Until then, consider this mystery solved. At least for now.

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4 Responses to In search of . . . land use Doppelgängers

  1. Barb Wilson says:

    This is your best port yet!!!

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