OMG! Land use draws a crowd

So it’s a full house. Somewhere in the crowd are some “density freaks,” but I think we’re outnumbered. It’s a little intimidating, especially given the fact that the opponents of the proposed rezones are literally running the show.

All nine council members are here, listening to Jim O’Halloran go on and on about how this neighborhood is “gonna take 85 feet” like it was a kick in the ass.

Anyway, not much new other than the applause for O’Halloran’s spin. It’s a pretty shameful way to run a Council meeting. Usually there’s a bit of balance in the presentation instead of NIMBY theatre.

We’ll see. Maybe it’ll get better. I brought my dad for cover. It’s his birthday!


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4 Responses to OMG! Land use draws a crowd

  1. andy says:

    Were you actually at the same meeting as the rest of us?

    And are you truly “density freaks”?

    O’Halloran; the Rossevelt Neighborhood Assoc; all the adjacent neighborhood groups; seemingly the majority of neighborhood residents; certainly the majority of the attendees — ALL are in support of the new report called “SLRP” (“Sustainable Livable Roosevelt Plan”) — the latest neighborhood-created re-zoning plan.


    Because here’s the thing: This new neighborhood plan proposes GREATER density in the Roosevelt Station Area than the current (mayor-proposed) DPD plan of June 2011.

    It was almost comic watching some of the pre-programmed speakers at the meeting standing up, stating that they were “for greater density”, and then pledge allegiance to the mayor’s plan from June — which is the proposal with less density!

    And this is what you call “NIMBY Theater”?? C’mon, at least acknowlege the facts: Maybe its not exactly where + how you’d do the up-zoning, but the Roosevelt Neighborhood itself is now the one asking for the most density…..

  2. Mark S Johnson says:

    Density jujitsu!

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