Occupy This! Moves to Folkenomics Blog

Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, drawn by Honoré Daumier, Detail. C 1868

You love it and you want more of it: my thoughts on the Occupy (fill in someplace here) and other things economic. Now you can get that kind of stuff at Folkenomics, my blog about supply and demand.

I decided that it’s a bit of a long trip to lead any readers with an interest in land use away from that, through various historical side tracks, and then back to land use. And I have Folkenomics.com all to myself. Why not start posting there.

By the way, I don’t know anything about economics. So, like land use, I am mostly self taught.

The point of the Folkenomics writing is more about someone who doesn’t know much about economics explaining it back to himself in public. I know, I’m going to get rich doing this. But I will remember all my fans when I do. And when it ties back to land use, I’ll try to cross post.

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  1. shahin says:

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