Update: Conlin Likes the Idea of Zero Based Zoning

Richard Conlin: Zero Based Raspberries

So we’re in uncharted territory here. I am just a blogger out here in the universe pressing for change, including the idea that government intervention can sometimes take the form of no intervention at all. Richard Conlin is chair of the Seattle’s City Council’s Planning and Land Use and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee. He has the power to make things change.

I’ve harshly criticized Councilmember Conlin in the past, and we had quite a volley of e-mails over big houses on little lots, something we disagreed about. But here’s what he thinks of Zero Based Zoning:

Interesting term.  I like the idea, the question is finding a way to conceptualize it as a pilot in such a way that we can establish it as legitimate and work the kinks out before widening the scope. That’s why I am looking at the IDD, Living Building model  Another approach might be through the Capitol Hill Eco District.  One idea is to take the Deep Green option under the new living building ordinance and expand the range of flexibility.

Maybe we’re making progress here. Less rules, more building, lower prices, more jobs, and everyone wins.  Maybe. Councilmember Conlin led efforts on regulatory reform and I hope he might also press for land use policy that expands the idea of flexibility beyond green buildings to all new growth in Seattle.

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