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Things in the code that actually are good and we should keep.

Supply Isn’t A Four Letter Word Anymore

Something amazing is happening in the discussion about housing and affordability in Seattle: people are starting to talk about how building more housing can lower housing prices. Supply, a word seemingly reserved only for the Master Builders Association, is beginning … Continue reading

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A Smart Response to Capitol Hill Flier Panic

Remember this breathless flier about the proposed extension of the Living Building Program? Right here, on this blog, in the comments section somebody took the time to brilliantly rebut the flier. Not only is the rebuttal brief, but it even … Continue reading

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Derrida on Writing: “Moments de la peur”

Moments de la peur, oui, mais faire ce qui doit être fait!

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Division 3 Overlay Districts: Chapters 23.59 through 23.74

I have covered a lot of ground in my reading of the code and I have also been writing about related things like Transit Oriented Development. I’m going to jump back into code reading and analysis with a review of … Continue reading

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Changes to multi-family:More density, smaller units, diversity, less parking

I am really honored to have one of the smartest, best, and most patient land use advocates on the blog to explain the recent big changes to the multi-family code. Until now this blog has been a slapdash affair. Now … Continue reading

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Chapter 23.47A Commercial: N1, and a 2, and a 3

o·ver·wrought Adjective   /ˈōvəˈrôt/ In a state of nervous excitement or anxiety. As in “she was too overwrought to listen to reason.” Said of a piece of writing or a work of art;Too elaborate or complicated in design or construction This is perhaps the … Continue reading

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Chapter 23.46 Residential — Commercial: Where’s my RC?

Here’s a bit of a mystery. I can’t find any RC on the land use map. And I don’t mean Royal Crown Cola either. Someone out there might be able to help, but it appears as though the RC designation … Continue reading

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