Parking solutions: reduce demand, part 2

Perhaps we ought to encourage the maintenance and upkeep of classic vehicles. We could limit parking on our streets and elsewhere to “vintage” vehicles.

I’d actually like to limit on street parking to cars built by the American Motor Corporation.

AMC Jeep Cherokee -- Capitol Hill

AMC Jeep Cherokee -- Front Grill, Capitol Hill

AMC Jeep Cherokee -- Grill Detail, Capitol Hill

AMC Jeep Cherokee -- Logo Detail, Capitol Hill

Matador -- By the American Motor Corporation, Wisconsin USA

Hornet -- By American Motor Corporation, Wisconsin USA

Hornet (detail) -- By American Motor Corporation, Wisconsin USA

Matador -- By American Motor Corporation, Wisconsin USA

The folks at AMC built their cars in America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin. These were the folks that brought us the Matador (I fear I don’t have an actual Matador above. Might be a Concord).

I have a bounty out for pictures of AMC products on Seattle streets. If you see any of the following on our city streets, photograph it with some kind of verification that the photo was taken in Seattle (a consolation prize will be given for out of town photos, just take the picture), and a clear ID of what you’re photographing, I will buy you a coffee and donut at your favorite Seattle donut shop. I won’t have to be there.

Send the photo to theLand Use Pictures!

Please humor me. I love these cars. Take a look and I think you’ll fall in love too.

The Ambassador

The Concord

The Eagle -- "The hiking shoe"

The Gremlin -- EXTRA DONUTS!

The Pacer -- Don't worry if you confuse this with the Gremlin

The Hornet -- There has to be a dozen of these in Greenwood

The Javelin -- Please text so I can come and see this one

The Matador -- My personal favorite.

The Spirit -- Father, Son, and AMC Spirit

I have never seen an AMC’s Rebel ‘The Machine.’ I will buy you a dozen donuts if you find “The Machine” on city streets. Don’t send me pictures of a GTO or a Duster. I wasn’t born yesterday.

The Machine

Extra points for convertible, special package versions, or vehicles that are in tact. One thing you’ll notice is the two doors. That’s a dead giveaway you’ve got yourself an AMC. The wagons and the Eagle, I think, always had the four doors. And just so you know, the Pinto was not an AMC product.

In any event, some of you might think I am joking. Others of you with a keen sense for beauty, design, and true American craftsmanship (and some kind of camera) will be laughing all the way to the donut shop.

And feel free to share your AMC stories. Maybe the first car you drove or made out in was an AMC Matador or Javelin. Did you break the speed limit in mom’s Pacer. Maybe you rear ended an old man in a Gremlin. Would love to see some of that in the comments.

Photo credits: All photos of the best cars ever made from Wikipedia commons. The others were taken by me. 


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