Rough ride: Roosevelt photo album

All photos are free for you to use. Attribution with a link would be great.

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One Response to Rough ride: Roosevelt photo album

  1. Kelly Rench says:

    All these pictures are taken within a one block radius of RDG’s land leased from the slumlord Hugh Sisley who has neglected maintenance of his buildings for over 20 years and has sued the City for millions to keep them looking like this. This is not a true representation of the Roosevelt Neighborhood! Just a 1/2 block west is a vibrant, village core. In other words this area is not run down because it’s in decline, it’s run down because one greedy person has rejected any and all offers to sell, repair or upgrade their property. RDG is just another example of a group who is being taken advantage of by Hugh Sisley. Fact check and do your homework before posting misleading information like this! Shame on you!

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