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A better way to pay for lower-priced housing for the poor?

Author’s note: I’ve been struggling about where to put this post. I think it is too speculative to put on the Smart Growth Seattle website, but I do think it’s time to start thinking through how Seattle shares the financial … Continue reading

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Jonah Swallows the Whale: The Housing Supply and Demand Debate Continues

Darrow: But do you believe He made them–that He made such a fish and that it was big enough to swallow Jonah? Bryan: Yes, sir. Let me add: One miracle is just as easy to believe as another. Darrow: Just … Continue reading

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Latest Micro Housing Debate: How Many Sinks Are Enough?

If you went into the Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church last night seeking fellowship or edification there was little to be had. Instead it was the scene of the latest set-piece battle in the wider war between NIMBY … Continue reading

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Urbanism Without Effort? Let It Be!

Anyone who knows Chuck Wolfe, author of Urbanism Without Effort, knows he has an agile mind an encyclopedic knowledge of local land use law and lore. But you’ll also know that he is not one who seeks attention by taking … Continue reading

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Land Use and Dance: Make Me Feel Weird

Two things happened yesterday that point where we can go as a city when it comes to growth. The first, in the middle of the day, was a public scourging of a housing type, small, affordable apartments. Erica Barnett wrote … Continue reading

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Supply Isn’t A Four Letter Word Anymore

Something amazing is happening in the discussion about housing and affordability in Seattle: people are starting to talk about how building more housing can lower housing prices. Supply, a word seemingly reserved only for the Master Builders Association, is beginning … Continue reading

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Is There an Apodment Moratorium in the Works?

The rumors are flying: The Seattle City Council is preparing to consider legislation that would shut down, or at least hinder, more development of apodments,* the small affordable apartment dwellings that have been popping up in town. The arguments against … Continue reading

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